Monday, 30 January 2012

Almost payday!!

At last, tomorrow is payday. Only trouble is, I'm working until 4pm and its going to be a bit of a mission trying to get to town and then get back again to make dinner!! Might have to be a Chinese takeaway. I expect I will be eating one of three things. Soup and bread and butter, pasta or porridge.
Last week I had all four of my wisdom teeth out and I don't seem to have had the easiest recovery. It seems to be taking a long time. Yesterday I tried to eat a roast chicken dinner and had to quit because my face hurt so much. Its so frustrating not being able to eat what I want. I've been slowly working away on my Margaret sherry penguin. I've discovered I've managed to go wrong again somewhere, but don't know where. So it's not perfect. For my next project I'm going to get some magic aida. It's pre gridded in 10 x 10 squares so you can keep track of your stitching, which increases motivation, and you are less likely to make mistakes in counting. It shouldn't be hard to count but mistakes are very common. When you're done you just put it on a cool wash and the lines wash out but the colours stay true.

Work has just got super busy, two new clients in less than a week so the shifts are all changing!! Good in some ways, not in others. I'm hoping the sleep nights stop pretty soon, I am at the end of my tether with them. I'm done with shift work in general really but until I start my foundation degree I can't really do anything about it.

Plans for today include taking a rattie to the vets (again!) and catching up on tv and doing my stitching. I am not buying more stash until this penguin is finished lol. I don't need charts, I have lots of magazines to inspire me. Not sure whether to do a big design or another small one. I'm thinking small, on,y because I don't get much time to stitch.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finally picked up my stitching again and one new years resolution.

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates!!
Christmas was totally awesome, it was nice to be able to spend quality time with family and friends. I also tried my first tequila slammer!!
Got completely spoiled, my fave pressies were an engraved tankard, Yankee candles and a new top that mr A bought me.
So now it's January and we are all skint and feeling blue.
I finally got the date for having my wisdom teeth out, it's on the 23rd of January, so not long to go now.
I went to the dentist yesterday, which was a most unpleasant experience!! I've been having a lot of pain from one of my wisdom teeth, so she said the only way to stop it hurting is to take the nerve out. Unfortunately that didn't happen because the two lots of local anaesthetic she gave me did nothing except make my tongue go numb. So either I fought it or she put it in the wrong place. So spent all last evening in total agony, went out today and got myself some heavy duty painkillers. Only drawback is I'm off tomorrow and saturday night but cos they are so strong alcohol is a no no :(
They help to a point, more take the edge off as opposed to kill it altogether.
Have finally decided to sort my debts out this year, going to clear my card and my loan, pay mr A back and then start saving for the house!
Tomorrow we have people coming to lay new carpets in the hallway and the computer room, which is going to be amazing, have picked a lovely squishy carpet so it'll feel much warmer. Hope also to pick up my stitching again tomorrow as well, just going to work with fabric I already have and threads cos I'm skint lol