Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hello everyone

Well it's been a long time since I posted on here! I went back to work last Thursday and today is finally my day off (except its nearly over now). :( I've been quite busy at work, we've been preparing for a new client and we just found out she's not coming til January, so sleeps aren't going to be stopping quite yet. The good news is the last half of Decembers Rota is finally up and I have Christmas eve, Christmas day and new years eve off!! How cool is that? Going to be able to have a proper Christmas this year with mr A. It's extra special cos its our first Christmas since he moved in. We've found our tree, it's 7.5ft tall and is going to cost £100, we've budgeted £50 for the lights and decorations. People think we are crazy spending so much on a tree, my reasoning is we haven't got kids so why not? I ordered all the Christmas drinkables today, we've ordered enough that through January when we are all skint we can still have nights in with DVDs and post Christmas nibbles!

Finally made a start on the shopping, bought stuff for mr A's dad, not finished yet though.
Gonna do mr A's stuff on tues when he's at work and I'm waiting for deliveries, then in the afternoon I'm going to get stuff for his mum and some more stuff for him in town, have seen some shirts that he would look amazing in!

I had my eyes tested while I was on holiday and it turns out I need a new prescription for my specs. I had a feeling something wasn't quite right cos my little margaret sherry piece has fractionals in it, I'm working on 14 ct aida and I've been struggling to see them, even with my daylight bulb on. Also I've been getting a lot more headaches, ones that come on really fast and take my breath away. I've pinpointed it to my specs, so last couple of days I've been wearing my contacts more for when I'm doing stuff on here or my computer. Last night I read my book on my pad with my specs and gave myself a headache, so it's definitely that I think. They are going to have to wait til after Christmas I think, good job I have contact lenses, apparently they are more accurate because they sit directly on the eye.

Haven't done any stitching for ages, haven't had time!! Guess I'll go back to it in January when theres no money to spend and it's too cold to go anywhere! Dear summer, please come back, I love you!!!

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