Friday, 21 October 2011

WIP disaster and 'almost' giving up

Well, I really thought I was on the home straight with my WIP, until I came to do some of the background on the left hand side. It was then I realised that hedgehogs body was out by what appeared to be 1 stitch. I became very disheartened and was tempted to stash it in a box and go out and buy stuff for a new project. I spoke to my friends on cross stitch crazy, and with lots of encouragement I've managed to pick it up again. Today I unpicked his head and re started on that, it's tweeding which is quite fiddly, to get round this I've pre-threaded my needles and lined them up from left to right in the order they are listed in the key. Later on I've got to take the corresponding bobbins out of the box so they are in easy reach.

It is looking like I probably won't finish until after Christmas at this rate!!

Work has slowed down a bit so I've had more time for stitching, this weekend is quite busy, hopefully I'll get some time to stitch on Sunday evening, I've also got Monday off.
Today I ordered myself a new chest of drawers as my canvas one is starting to look like the leaning tower of Pisa because the cats keep jumping on it! That's due to come next friday, the same day that my new Lino is being fitted in the bathroom!!

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