Monday, 25 July 2011

Getting to the bottom of it...

So, for the last three weeks Mr A and I have been trying to work out why our energy bills are so high, especially the electricity!
So, we went all mental on turning stuff off and making sure nothing was left on. Meter readings still high, bills still high :/
So after many helpful phone calls to british gas we decided the best thing to do was to take matters into our own hands. As a result we are having two prepayment meters fitted so that we can top it up ourselves and hopefully manage our energy much better as a result.
Mr A has also bought an energy monitor. I'm in two minds about it. One, it helps us track exactly what we are using and where, on the other hand, we're now obsessed!!

So, we ran it last night and we discovered that somehow overnight with everything turned off we've managed to use ten pence an hour. The mind boggles.
So I've spent most of this morning messing about turning things on and off and reading the monitor. We did get a little surprise though. We've discovered the television downstairs in the pub is wired into our supply!! >.< Have spoken to my landlord about it, he said that when the electrics were done for that he expressly said that it shouldn't go into the supply for the flat above. He's going to get someone out to re route it for us. That's not quite all of it though, something somewhere is still using money over night so Mr A is going to do some more tests tonight while I'm at work. Currently trying to get on top of the washing and battling indigestion at the same time. It's weird, I never get indigestion, I had it for most of yesterday, had breakfast this morning and now I've got it again!

On friday night I actually managed to go out!! *go me, go me*. This might sound surprising, but most friday nights I get stuck on a sleep in shift, but last friday I managed to finish at 9pm!! Destination pub it was, had a lovely couple of hours with Mr A and his dad, made me realise I must make more time for the people I care about, I don't see much of him anymore, mostly because I'm working and before Mr A moved in I was a regular at his house anyhow.

I'm a little annoyed this morning, because I have somehow managed to lose a packet of sewing needles for my cross stitch. I've looked all round my stitchy corner and they can't be found anywhere. They have just disappeared on me. I still maintain that this house has a poltergeist. An Avenged sevenfold/cross stitch loving poltergeist. He/she or it is probably moshing away whilst stitching a HAED!

right, thats all for now, time to go get indigestion remedy!!

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