Tuesday, 6 September 2011

No stitching because....

I have been playing with my new toy!
At the weekend I bought myself an iPad 2 with some of the money I had from my tax credits. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever bought, even though it was GINORMOUSLY expensive. Part of the reason for getting it was because my htc mobile is failing, and vodafone won't replace my handset, even though I've thrown money at them for the last five years. I kind of need to have access to the Internet at work, believe it or not sometimes it helps me with my job!

The other thing that sold me was the iBooks app, I've never been one for kindles etc, you can't beat the feeling of going into a bookshop and smelling that new book smell. IBooks has lots of free books, one book I've always wanted to read is 'The count of monte cristo',so I downloaded a sample and really liked it. It's on my 'classics to read' list. I'm currently 300 or so pages in and really enjoying it, it makes reading on the move so much easier!

I'd recommend it to any bookworm!

Mr A and I went to Birmingham today on the train, it went better than last week because this time we knew where we were going!! Somehow I managed to spend over £100!! Mr A said to me 'I don't know why you're so shocked, you spent almost £500 the other day.'
I simply said that was different, although I couldn't have said how. I think it's because I rarely have money to spend so I don't tend to spend large amounts.
Plus, because I'm not used to having money I've got this horrible fear that one morning I'll wake up and it'll all be gone. I'm 50% better off since Mr A moved in six months ago, but still I can't seem to spend money, Mr A was egging me on today.

I did get some nice things, a lovely teal mac in New Look, plus a screen protector and a case for my iPad. I also managed to spend £5 on pick'n'mix sweets lol. Have said that I can't spend any more money although I do need to get my hair done 2moro!!

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