Monday, 12 September 2011

Welcome to the family....

Nope, I haven't dropped a sprog!!
Mr A and I have adopted a stray cat. Or rather, I've adopted him and Mr A fell in love with him.
He started coming round the pub and my landlord started feeding him.
The upshot of it was he needed a permanent home and I decided to take him in. He had a serious case of fleas and an allergy, which thank goodness is now sorted! Cost of sorting his skin out and worming him has cost me over £100, but it's been worth it because he's such a happy cat, very placid and chilled out. I am starting to introduce him to my two, who get very hissy and growly, so I think its going to take time. I've got a pic of him on my camera but the batteries have died, am going to sort that out tomorrow I think!!

Still haven't managed to get much Stitching done, it's well and truly gone on holiday!!!

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