Friday, 6 April 2012

Price tag?

Well, I got my payrise. I still have to lead shifts, which I'm calling a compromise because I'm only going to be there two days per week. At least finally I am getting paid for the responsibility I hold!! My boss said there's a senior position going, she basically told me that she'd be interviewing formally, but that if I applied the job was mine. I put my foot down and told her exactly where I stand, the whole reason for me going part time is because I want less responsibility. She said I could always go full time if I wanted and I still said no! It irritates me when people think that because I play nice I'll always roll over. Not when the issue at hand affects my health, mental well being and my relationships I won't. Job and career is all very well until you end up a lonely old lady wondering what happened to your life. I thanked her for her kind offer but told her that I would be declining. She asked me to sleep on it, which I have. I still haven't changed my mind. Hoping to do some stitching this afternoon!!

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