Monday, 30 April 2012

And breathe...

Well, it's been a while since I posted on my blog, I figured I'd better get my fingers waggling and write something! Since my last update a lot has happened. Work got extremely crazy for about a fortnight, even more than I ever thought possible. Where to begin? We had an extremely challenging resident who basically had the house in lockdown for a week. She attacked me on two separate occasions. Both times I was unhurt but I have been left very shaken and seriously considering my career options. To that end, I have just started an online IT course. I finished the first unit tonight and hope to commence the assessment tomorrow, fingers crossed I pass it first time. I've also started working in the pub downstairs, I really enjoy that, it's only two days a week but it's something different. There's a vacancy for a new bar/live music venue in the next town so I'm going to apply to that and see what happens. I've also signed up to an employment agency for office work, hopefully something will come out of that for June otherwise things are going to get exceedingly tight from then on!! Some sad news last week, Mr A's dad had to have the dog put to sleep :( Naturally he and Mr A were distraught. I've decided I want to do a cross stitch portrait of the dog and get it framed as a birthday gift for his dad. My camera has also decided to pack up on me, but as its my birthday very soon I hope to get a new one. I've managed to do a little bit more on frog choruses but I'm unable to post an updated pic grr!! I am enjoying being part time in spite of the money worries, the rest is doing me good. I know it's time to come out though cos even though I'm only there two days a week I'm still not enjoying it. I am working tomorrow in the pub and then the evening belongs to me!!

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