Thursday, 5 April 2012


I woke up this morning feeling very sad. I'm not one for wallowing in misery or feeling depressed, ask anyone that knows me well and they'd probably say I was almost always smiling. I just feel very fed up today, and most of it is to do with work. If I was smarter I'd have took this last two weeks as holiday!! Can't wait for it all to just end so I only have to go in a couple of days a week. We should hear about pay rises today, I've got a feeling they are going to say no though, also need to lay it down to my boss again that I don't want to be in a position of seniority. I was late again last night, and because I'm slightly (very) skint I walked home, I got in the door to Mr A wagging his finger at me, he said I should've rung him, I couldn't justify a taxi for a ten minute walk down the hill. I really hope I get away on time tonight. I am off tomorrow, I am going to help downstairs in the pub, which I'm looking forward to, I think its going to be busy though. Mr A is off too cos it's a bank holiday, he says he's coming down for a pint :) I don't know what's plannned for the rest of the day, he said he's going to pay for me to get my hair done which will be nice, it's a mess!! Then I'm back at work for five days solid :(

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