Friday, 19 August 2011

Hedgehogs are full of prickles...

Hello all!!

well, I got fed up with my tweeding and have decided to practise some artistic license with my cross stitching. OH half says it's cheating but I don't care.
Still having a problem with light levels in the evening, I found someone on my cross stitch forum that was willing to send me some daylight bulbs, but she came up against a jobsworth in the post office that wouldn't let her send the parcel!! >.<

In the meantime I dragged in my standing lamp from the garage, it was full of cobwebs (eww!), and set it up.
put a bulb in it (not daylight, but still a bright one), turned it on and sat down to commence stitching.
Next thing I heard a small 'pop'and realised the bulb had gone out!!
OH is sitting in his chair chuckling away at me, I just give him one of my death stares and take the bulb out. I realise the bulb hasn't gone, so figure it must be the fuse.
I rummage out fuses and screwdrivers, take the back off the plug and....IT'S A 3AMP FUSE!!! I'VE ONLY GOT 13AMP!!! ARRRGGH!!

So, I gave up on my stitching and went to play sims 3 instead. We've had a wedding, the birth of a grandchild and two sims leaving home to start their own lives. It was a very emotional evening in that household last night!

I have done some more on my WIP, I am going to have to take pics. I'm almost finished with it I think, just have to finish hedgehog and then it's half cross stitching and backstitching to do, of which there isn't masses.
Now I just have to decide what I'm going to stitch next. I really like the idea of the Joan Elliot fairy but I think that's a bit beyond my capability atm.
I also love the HAED, but I need to walk before I can run!!

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