Sunday, 28 August 2011

WIP update 28/8/11

I have made a resolution. (we'll see how long it sticks though...) When I start my next WIP, I am going to try to post weekly updates.
Not that I need motivation to stitch, I just struggle to find the time some days, between working and living life in general. Today I've managed a grand total of forty minutes tops, and that's with finishing at 3pm this afternoon!!


Plus I want to get my butt in gear, my fingers are itching to finish it, just so I can put a big post on CSC going 'DOOONE IIIT!!' LOL. Even if it doesn't get framed straight away.
I've been having a little think about what I want to do next, I got some lovely evenweave from Jenni on cross , so I was thinking of stitching the little butterfly that came with an issue of CSC to get the feel for it. My next large project is going to be an AOY chart or a Joan Elliot piece, I want to do the fairy that was featured in CSC a few months back but it has fractionals eek!!

Anyhow, here's my latest pic.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 19 August 2011

WIP update 19/8/11

here's my most recent progress pic!!

I'm already looking into what I can stitch next lol...

Hedgehogs are full of prickles...

Hello all!!

well, I got fed up with my tweeding and have decided to practise some artistic license with my cross stitching. OH half says it's cheating but I don't care.
Still having a problem with light levels in the evening, I found someone on my cross stitch forum that was willing to send me some daylight bulbs, but she came up against a jobsworth in the post office that wouldn't let her send the parcel!! >.<

In the meantime I dragged in my standing lamp from the garage, it was full of cobwebs (eww!), and set it up.
put a bulb in it (not daylight, but still a bright one), turned it on and sat down to commence stitching.
Next thing I heard a small 'pop'and realised the bulb had gone out!!
OH is sitting in his chair chuckling away at me, I just give him one of my death stares and take the bulb out. I realise the bulb hasn't gone, so figure it must be the fuse.
I rummage out fuses and screwdrivers, take the back off the plug and....IT'S A 3AMP FUSE!!! I'VE ONLY GOT 13AMP!!! ARRRGGH!!

So, I gave up on my stitching and went to play sims 3 instead. We've had a wedding, the birth of a grandchild and two sims leaving home to start their own lives. It was a very emotional evening in that household last night!

I have done some more on my WIP, I am going to have to take pics. I'm almost finished with it I think, just have to finish hedgehog and then it's half cross stitching and backstitching to do, of which there isn't masses.
Now I just have to decide what I'm going to stitch next. I really like the idea of the Joan Elliot fairy but I think that's a bit beyond my capability atm.
I also love the HAED, but I need to walk before I can run!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

progress report, with pics!

Well, haven't had much time for blogging, or stitching, or anything lately, I seem to have been busy, busy!!

However, over the last couple of days I've managed to get a little bit done, and I've got a couple of pics.
I've given up on the tweeding for now, think that's going to have to wait until I can get myself a daylight lamp.
Here's what I've done so far!!

This rioting is freaking me out. Apparently it's in the midlands now, I'm meant to be going out of Telford on thursday for a training course for work, am going to see if I can get on the next one, no way am I messing about in a strange place while this is going on!!

I had good news from the taxman last week. Apparently I was owed back pay for when I claimed working tax credits as a single woman, I got a sizeable chunk paid back into my bank, so I'm currently looking at setting up a tropical fish tank somewhere in the flat. I've seen the one I want, comes with stand, tank, filter and overhead light, now I've just got to work out the logistics of where it's going to go and how.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I have tonsillitis. Great. I had what, eighteen years of childhood to get this stupid bug? I never had it, bronchitis every winter without fail. Now I'm in my late twenties and I've had two doses in the last year, the first one I didn't know what it was, just thought I had a bad cold without the sneezy bit, until a friend told me she'd had it too and it was tonsillitis.

So Saturday night I was at work and I was feeling a bit 'meh' but didn't really pay much attention. I had a bit of a sore throat but blamed Mr A cos he said he'd had one, so I said he must've give it me.
At four am on Sunday morning I woke up feeling like I'd been lamped a good one across the back of the head, migraine came at me out of nowhere. Luckily I had three good hours before I had to get up and sort the residents out so I popped a couple of pills and went back to sleep.

I spent most of Sunday day time feeling a bit spaced out, but just assumed it was because of the migraine I'd had. By tea time I was going hot and cold, I ached all over and my glands under my chin were up.
Went into work yesterday and struggled through an eight hour shift, then had to go to the walk in medical centre in town because trying to see my own GP is like pulling teeth. (then again, he is very good!)
Definitely a case of tonsillitis she said, she said it's caused by being stressed or run down <-------------- thats me. So now I have antibiotics for ten days, and I've called in sick to work for today, so I get two days off to recover.

Only draw back is, tomorrow I've got the electricians in re wiring my flat, I hope they aren't going to be too disruptive. I haven't done any proper stitching for ages, I'm still enjoying it, but my brain isn't working, plus the tweeding is doing my head in!!!

Until next time!