Monday, 20 June 2011

some good, some bad...

Went to the dentist today and got a bit of a shock. She did lots of poking about, took lots of x-rays and praised me on my good oral hygiene routine (go me). Then she said that three of my wisdom teeth have got to come out and I have to have two fillings in the tooth next to the left one, because that's going so rotten it's affecting the one next to it.

I have to go back and have the fillings done next week, fortunately I'm not in any pain with it so that's good. Not looking forward to going under to get these teeth pulled, and not looking forward to feeling like my face has been stepped on by a draught horse!! Unfortunately it has to be done, the other way (leave it alone) involves a lot of pain, and as someone who's had monster toothache before, never again.

It's fairly simple, but typical me, there is a slight complication. My teeth and my jaw are really, really small.
(no jokes about my big mouth please, and the amount of talking I do)
Apparently there's a nerve that goes down the side of your face which gives you sensation around your lips and mouth.
according to the dentist, most people have a 1% chance of losing sensation after the procedure, which can be temporary, say, a few weeks to a few months, however some people can lose it for up to 1 to 3 years and may never get it back.

In my case this is knocked up slightly by the fact that according to the full x ray I had (massive machine that looked like something out of a sci fi movie), said nerve is wrapped around my bottom left wisdom tooth.
Dentist said I have a 10-15% chance of that nerve being damaged during the op, she couldn't say how bad the numbness would be, but she did say that if the nerve is damaged the loss of sensation will be permanent.
She did say that the surgeon might well break that tooth into little bits and take it out slowly to try and avoid damage but there's no guarantee.
I tell you what, if it does happen, kissing will never be the same again!! :(

So, I've been referred to the hospital, I'm just waiting for a letter to come through now for the appointment, and I'll be honest, for once in my life I'm petrified!! I don't mind doctors/dentists as a rule, but this is a bit different.

I'm going to make sure I book 2 days off work to get this sorted, Mr A is coming with me to the hospital, and he will be there when I wake up so I should be alright.

Wednesday I have docs, time for me to find out why I'm so wiped all the time!! Not doing very well atm am i?

On the flip side, I have managed to pick up my cross stitch again today, am off to do a bit more now while I watch the soaps, if I can stay awake long enough!!

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