Monday, 6 June 2011

Busy busy

Well, I haven't had much time for stitching since my last blog post, I had a big visit from The Frog, which meant I spent most of my time unpicking and re-doing what I'd already done!!!
Plus last week I went on holiday with the ladies from work, took them to Blackpool, it was good fun but SO exhausting, I'm still tired! Did a double shift yesterday so another day lost for stitching. Today is all about catching up with the ginormous laundry pile and trying to clean the house, along with nursing a poorly rat!!

I noticed he was a bit down the other day, but I put it down to hot weather, even my cats were flaked out a bit. Came home last night to find Mr A perched in front of the cage, he thought at the time that he'd had a stroke. Today we think it might be an ear infection, so he's off to the vets again for some steroids and antibiotics, hopefully that will sort him out. I've been feeding him farley's rusks and trying to syringe water into his mouth, he's going to hate me after today!! I nickname him grandpa because he's white all over, can't see very well (he's albino) and dodders around like an old man. Technically he is old, because rats only live for 2 years, so he's a true OAP at 18 months old!!

One of mine has had the sneezes for a couple of weeks so he has to go in tomorrow! Life is one big rollercoaster at the moment, hopefully it'll slow down soon! I've promised myself I'm going to try and do some stitching tonight while the soaps are on, until MR A gets home and I've been to vets I'm not going to be able to concentrate for worrying about poor rattie... :(

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