Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Doctor, doctor.

So, off I trotted to the doctors this morning. Told him that basically I've had no energy since February, and even though I was regularly doing 48 hour weeks through May I had two weeks off and still no luck.

He sent me off to the hospital to get bloods done, have had the full works so now I've got to wait until I hear back from them, if at all. These days they don't call you if they don't find anything, which I think is rather annoying. So if I've heard nothing this time next week am going to give them a bell.
Then he sent me off to Holland and Barrett for some vitamin D. Apparently that's the only vitamin that your body doesn't make, and with England being so crap on the sunshine scale, it's quite a common deficiency to have. So, I have to take one of those every day for the rest of my life, unless I decide to emigrate to Florida!!
Told him about my cycle being all out of whack and generally a bit strange, he's had me tested for a thyroid deficiency, that was one of the first things I came across when I was trying to find out why my cycle was a bit weird, especially as I'm knackered all the time and my once lovely nails absolutely refuse to grow any more! Hopefully the vitamin D will sort that out!

I'm in two minds, one part of me wants it to come back all clear, but that then doesn't explain why I feel like an old lady, when the doc said that the peak of physical health is reached at 28!

At least if it came back with something I'd know what I was dealing with, could kinda go 'ahh, so that's why then.' Atm, I just feel like people think I'm a wuss!!

Have done no stitching today, between Dr's, hospital, and getting on the bus that went the long way home, I havent' had time. I also managed to fall asleep when I got back >.< Then I went to the opticians for my contact lens check (all fine, so at least SOMETHING is working properly atm) and then I nipped into the supermarket to get some bits and bobs. Am off now, need to turn oven on for dinner!! We are having chicken that you cook in the bag with spices, and what Mr A calls 'sexy rice' :)

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  1. Oh I know how you feel. I've had lack of energy for going on ten years now. A barage of tests turned up nothing. i do what I can essentially and I'm only 39.