Thursday, 9 June 2011

Still not good.... :(

Had to take Whitey to vets again today, he'd gone down since last night, when he was walking up to Mr A and taking water from a syringe, to this morning looking like flat lemonade!!

Managed to get an appointment in and whizz him in really fast, he's had a three day antibiotic injection, an anti inflammatory, and 5mls of fluid, I think he feels like a pincushion at the moment!!
He's resting just now, I'm going to try him with some ready brek in a bit with some sugar sprinkled on, see does he like it or not.
I'm also going to try and get some stitching in today, if only to try and ease my frazzled brain, the last two days I've spent worrying about him!!

Leonard went in yesterday, vet thinks he's suffering the tail end of a respiratory infection, he has antibiotics. Yoghurt on spoon trick didn't work, so I've plumped for direct syringing, which does work, cos he bites the syringe and i just squirt it in, and then he gets a treat for being a good boy!!
I actually managed to give sheldon a cuddle this morning, first time he hasn't squeaked at me and tried to leg it! go me...

Got to go work later, quite a busy one ahead, we have a new resident in for a short stay, really hope I get a good night's sleep tonight, probably won't cos they've moved the rooms around >.<
I slept well last night, struggled to get up this morning though, didn't even hear Mr A's alarm go off!! mind you, didn't finish work til 10 last night...

Right, time for some lunch, then check on my patient, and then some stitching, I hope!!

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