Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My present arrived!!

Well, my Dsi arrived in the post yesterday.  I had to wait three hours for it to be fully charged so I could use it, so I decided to busy myself with the housework!!  Since then, I've been on it almost non-stop, apart from earlier today when the battery almost died, and I spent an hour and a half on my stitching, which is more than I got done yesterday.

I really want to get myself a daylight bulb, then I can stitch in the evenings also.
Tomorrow I'm going to have a really good bash at it, in between trying to 're tame' one of my rats, I have two, Leonard and Sheldon, and they were never that tame to begin with (I got them as rescues from a lady who couldn't keep them anymore) but sheldon is acting dead weird, he was never best pleased about being handled, but now he's almost anti-human!  He's not biting, just squeaking and running away.

Cue several hours this evening trying to coax him back into the cage, he's made himself a hideout under the dining table, and I don't think it's cos he likes to sit there, he KNOWS that if he goes there no one can get to him.

So tomorrow I'm going to just open the top of the cage and start again with gentle fussings and treats, rather than let them both have the run of the room and see how things go...I really, really wish I'd got tiny babies to start though, these two are hard work!!

Mr A has got two grown ups and two babies, they are all very sweet, and I just wish mine could be like that.  They just don't seem to have much of a personality at the moment, nor do I think they ever will, being as they are at least a year old already.  I am in two minds as to whether I will ever have any more, they are very time consuming and I work very weird hours.  If I worked a standard week it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm all over the place, three or four nights out of seven I'm not even home!!

Which leads me to my other gripe for this evening.  I'm not sure I'm happy doing what I'm doing atm career wise.  But after a quick scout on the net, it would seem I'm stuck for the moment!!
I never thought it would happen, but since Mr A moved in, my priorities have changed.  I'm almost at the end of two weeks holiday, I've spent most of it stitching, doing housework, laundry and cooking meals, and I've enjoyed every minute of it!
Right now, I'd be quite happy to find a regular 9-5 or school hours job so I can be home every night. 
About eighteen months ago I went to see a careers advisor through my local job centre, and he put me on the right track, and that led me to where I am now.  I've really enjoyed the last twelve months or so, but I can't help thinking that I'd like to try something other than looking after people, something I've done for almost nine years.  Only trouble is, I don't know what I'd like to do!!

There, vent over!! Tomorrow, I am going to try and do some more stitching, and post a progress pic as well.

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