Thursday, 19 May 2011

The lord moves in mysterious ways...

That's what my friend Jenny would have said if she'd been with me today.  I nipped into work to attend what I thought was a talk on leadership skills, and how to better supervise when I'm on shift.

Turns out I've been signed up to a nationally recognised qualification in leadership and management of people.  In a nutshell, that basically means that after four years of 'acting' like a senior carer I finally get a piece of paper to prove it!

I need to do more research into what I actually gain from the end of the course, but my long term hope is to be able to have the confidence to find a position where I can use my skills that I've gained to full advantage and be paid accordingly!!
Mr A says 'this is telford, wages are always going to be crap'.  He does have a point, but there's nothing to stop me using what I gain to my full advantage.
At the end of the day, as much as I enjoy what I do, my loyalty must be to myself and what I want, and where my life is going.  If that sounds selfish, so be it.  Bottom line, a job is a job, it puts food on our table, a roof over our heads and gives me money to spend (pay credit card bill).

I've had a pretty good day today, managed to get a good two hours stitching in this morning, so go me!  Mr A's dad bought me The Tudors season 4 for my birthday so have been watching that...Katherine Parr is a very silly little girl!!  Although then again, I might consider someone younger and more handsome if I was married to an old man, and I was only seventeen!

I hope that Mr A and I are together until we are both old and grey, although by the way my joints and back have been recently I think I'm on my way there already!!

Here's a progress pic for today!!
I'm really pleased with how the well is turning out, especially as it can be quite tricky in places, and I keep getting a visit from Kermit!!

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