Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bleugh :/

Well, I've been off sick since Tuesday, what started as a heavy cold appears to have turned into bronchitis. I have spent the last three nights sat bolt upright in bed, with hardly any sleep. The last two days I've had a temperature regularly running between 100f and 103f, seriously not good! Now I know how a lobster feels when it's cooked!! Thankfully that has come down now, although I am still struggling to eat properly, I might have to stock up on soup today. Rang the docs and she said there were no appointments (why am I not surprised) so she got the triage nurse to ring me back, who almost immediately said I have to come in, so I have an appointment at 11.50 this morning. Spoke to my boss and said I wasn't coming in again, she asked if I had any idea when I'm coming back and I said I've no idea. Being able to sleep and eat would help. In other news, I've had a job offer via email. It's working in finance, no experience necessary, they will train you online and they will pay you to take the course. I have asked for more info, apparently they Re opening an office in Birmingham so I just need to find out where! The money is fantastic, double my current salary! That'd sure help with the wedding planning and sorting out the house.

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