Thursday, 22 March 2012

Well, that was a lil scary

So, went off to the docs and saw the nurse, soon as I walked into her office she was like 'oh!' she checked me over, everything normal, she didn't think it was asthma, although I'm convinced I had it when I was small but mum says no, but maybe she forgot. So there was I, gasping like a landed fish thinking 'just figure it out dammit, I can't breathe!!' So she got the senior doc in, who incidentally is my gp. Told him the tablets he gave me for my back were horrid! He made me do a peak flow test, lung function came out at 68%, he said it looked like asthma aggravated by this cold. Told him it made sense cos every time I get a cold my chest gets bad for 24 hours but this went on for two days. So chances are I've had it for a long time, especially as I've lost count of the number of times people have asked me if I've got asthma! Told him about my raised temps running between 100-103f so he sent me off for a chest x ray to rule out pneumonia, steroids and inhalers was enough of a whammy, chest x ray made it scary!! So, have been sat at home, breathing is a lil better, although I have just been sat here quiet and it's started off again, he said if steroids don't work by tomorrow I have to go back in and they will get x ray results sharpish. He also said if I catch cold to always carry my inhaler!! Yes sir!! Lol

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