Saturday, 24 March 2012

Getting there...

Well, my little cocktail of medicines appears to be kicking in, not quite as out of breath, although a small walk to a couple of local shops and back had me stopping on the way home clinging to a lamp post!! I've got antibiotics too, I went back to the doctors yesterday as I was still feeling very puffed out, so he gave me those to rule out any infection. Those tablets are worse than the ones I took for my back! At least I got two doses of those, this morning I took them before breakfast (bad move) and half hour later I felt seriously queasy. OH has been on them before for something else and he said they might make me feel pukey. I didn't listen though because not everyone has the same reactions to drugs, figured I'd be ok. so tomorrow I'm going to try and make sure I've eaten. I think I'll have to stick to taking them in the morning because I don't think I'd like lying there in the dark feeling sick, that's not nice. Luckily it's only for a few days and they're all gone. Just hope when the chest clears up I won't need the inhaler anymore...bit self conscious about using it in front of people! Decided not to go into work today, think it was the right thing to do, if walking to the local shop does me in, then I'm not ready for work yet. Got tomorrow off and then I'm back in Monday afternoon. Still busily looking for something else, I really can't wait to try something different. I've applied to a place in birmingham where they will train me up on the job, the money is pants but it's better hours. I'm also thinking of shelling out a bit and doing something called an 'ECDL' qualification, apparently it's nationally recognised and uses all the skills office employers look for. Told OH if I haven't found something in three months I quit, and that's that, will just have to wing it, or if i get these courses sorted at least that's on my belt. It could even go on my CV that I'm working towards them. Feeling really bad that I haven't managed to get any stitching done, just not got the bug atm!! too many other things going on.

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